An Act of Open-Access Resistance

While doing some research for work, I came across a dissertation in UT Austin's institutional repository that was remarkable in that it was defaced by its own author in protest of the requirement that he publish his dissertation in this open-access repository. Chandler 2013 has replaced much of the text of his dissertation with 206 … Continue reading An Act of Open-Access Resistance


Yes, people can transcribe texts in a language they don’t know

In a recent presentation at the Conference on the Indigenous Languages of Latin America, I presented the results of one of my first forays into crowdsourcing the transcription of handwritten indigenous-language manuscripts. Since the documents are handwritten and often make liberal use of special phonetic characters (and loads of combinations of diacritic marks in the … Continue reading Yes, people can transcribe texts in a language they don’t know

A Quick Primer on Tataltepec Chatino Tone

Want to get a quick introduction to the tone system of Cháʔknyá, and don't want to read my dissertation (Sullivant, 2015)? Try this eight-page handout from a talk I gave at the University of Texas in April. Sullivant, J. Ryan. 2016. A brief overview of tone in Cháʔknyá, Tataltepec de Valdés Chatino. Ms.